Two Stories… has a ring to it don’t you think?

Creating Two Stories has been all about how our two individual sets of experiences (our two stories) combined can help other businesses and brands share their story through design and creative solutions. Our studio was created out of our passion for helping clients, seeing them grow and succeed through successful brand identity and strategic approach to design, whether that be digitally or in print.

We’ve seen clients have their best ever sales month after launching a brand and we’ve seen brands venture into new markets thanks to a reposition and new design approach.

Our studio is all about finding that purpose, that thing that drives your business and using that to gain a better brand presence in your industry, convert more or appeal better to your target audience – whatever your goal we work towards that together.


But what is brand or business storytelling?

If you think of a story (in the normal sense) it can be powerful, it can be emotive, it can clearly illustrate a point, it can make a bold statement or grab someone’s attention. A good brand story can do exactly same. They key is to a consistent narrative that combines together the facts around your business and the emotions that your brand evokes.

Sharing your story gives customers a reason why they should buy into what you do as a business, why they should associate with you or why they should buy from you, your story tells why you exists and why this matters.

By starting with this story every piece of design & content put out should be a continuation of that, adding to the value proposition that supports your business’ primary goals – making your statement in your industry in a strong but consistent way.


Why is powerful storytelling key to growing a business?

Storytelling communicates purpose, it shows that your business has an ambition and having that not only makes you stand out but more likely captures customers hearts and in essence their business.

Let’s face it, the marketplace is crowded – everyone can instantly make content and share it daily. You as a brand are fighting your competitors for attention in a world of similar messaging and brands that look the same. Now that everything is so accessible it’s made it really difficult to stand out.

Even if you have a quality product or service it’s not enough anymore you need to show why you are different to the rest of the crowd – that’s why storytelling and brand positioning is so important.

Instead of looking the same as everyone else, using the same facts, what you do and testimonials we turn it on its head. At Two Stories we get to grips with what you do and why you do it. We use design and creative solutions, whether that be a new brand, new website or design collateral, to share your brand history, the challenges and successes you’ve had and most importantly your value proposition – the beauty being all this is unique. No one can copy your story.

At the end of the day your design output needs to be functional, however it can still be practical and do so much more than just look pretty, it can help grow your business.