Holly recently joined the Two Stories team to gain some work experience. As a sixth form student with an interest in business, Holly was keen to understand what we do, how we work with clients, and how a business works.

We asked Holly a few questions about what she enjoyed the most, what she has learnt, and how she would describe Two Stories!

What did you enjoy most about your time at Two Stories?

The highlight of my week was sitting in a meeting where the team presented a new name and rebrand to the client.

What did you dislike most?

I can honestly say there is nothing I have disliked! Throughout this experience, I have learnt so much about different parts of the business and enjoyed every moment.

What have you learnt?

I have gained an understanding of the branding process from start to finish, including stages like research and workshops.

What is the most “Two Stories” thing you learnt about being at Two Stories?

The depth and thought that goes into each brand or rebrand project.

If you could describe Two Stories as a person, how would you describe us?

I would describe Two Stories as hard-working, focused, welcoming, and friendly.


Here’s what else Holly said about her time in the studio:

I joined Two Stories for a few days of work experience, which I found very helpful in gaining an insight into the business and the world of branding.

Whilst being at Two Stories, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a client meeting where I learnt about how Two Stories work and communicate with clients.

I was also able to sit in on a presentation with a client where Two Stories revealed a new company name and rebrand, which allowed me to see the in-depth process that the team go through to reach the end result.

On my last day, I was shown the rebrand process in further detail and found out more about how a business is set up and run.

Thank you to Two Stories for making my time so enjoyable. I have learnt so much and can’t wait to transfer this knowledge into my career.


Thank you, Holly! We’re so pleased you enjoyed your time with us, and we wish you the best of luck in the future.