Relaunching Channel 4’s new thought leadership platform, 4Talks, with a flexible brand identity


Presented by Channel 4’s advertising team, 4Sales, 4Talks aims to explore and discuss challenging subjects across the advertising industry. The 4Sales team commissioned us to create a brand identity to relaunch the platform, with the aim of helping the audience learn, develop, and improve.


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We firstly held an extensive brand workshop, enabling us to get to the heart of why the brand exists and its purpose as a platform. From this, we created a brand strategy that formulated a tone of voice for the brand, which consequently underpinned all aspects of 4Talks’ branding going forward.


Fundamentally existing to enable a thought-provoking, authentic, and consistent platform, we found that 4Talks provided a crucial voice for the advertising industry and a safe space for challenging conversations.


To communicate this, we decided that the brand needed to have not just one logo, but 12 (and growing). This would convey a collective of different voices, different conversations, and different people, coming together to challenge the status quo.


As a relaunch, it was crucial that 4Talks made a splash in the industry and embraced its change from the brand’s bright pink predecessor.


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With ‘bravery’ being one of 4Talks’ core values, we took the bold decision to make the entire brand predominantly black and white, with colour injected for each individual session only. This black and white style continues right through to the image treatment.


We created various speech marks and thought bubbles, placing them in a box to represent the safe space 4Sales are creating through 4Talks. This unique, flexible identity enabled us to create a range of engaging materials, allowing the brand identity to be seen clearly across several touchpoints including its website, social media, and email marketing.


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“We wanted to re-brand our thought leadership platform, 4Talks, to ensure it aligned with our future strategy.  Two Stories provided us with the right framework to fully understand our purpose and developed the brand with us every step of the way. Their collaborative and professional approach made the whole experience so much easier and enjoyable and we couldn’t be happier with the results.”


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