ALL IN Census

Designing a brand and campaign for the Advertising Association to help build a better, more inclusive advertising industry for all


The All In Census is the first industry-wide census aimed at improving diversity and inclusion in UK advertising. We were asked by the Advertising Association to design a brand and campaign to encourage influential brands, agencies, and media owners from across the country to take part.


The Advertising Association promotes the role and rights of responsible advertising, representing UK advertisers, agencies, and brands on behalf of the entire industry, and acting as the connection between industry professionals, politicians, and policymakers.


We were extremely keen to play a part in helping the All In Census spark change across the industry.

Brand Development

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The All In Census was a ‘stop the clock’ moment for the industry. Conceptually, this held similarities to voting and the idea that a vote placed contributes to change within society. In the same way, the All In Census will be a powerful catalyst for change, and the data gained will form the next steps in helping to build a more inclusive advertising industry for everyone.


This formed the idea for the physical logo, which represents the accumulation of data that will be collected during the census as stacks of paper – enabling the advertising industry to set a benchmark for the future.

Digital Design

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We knew it was important to create a consistent visual brand identity that would be recognisable but could also be evolved as required. We created a bank of assets for the Advertising Association, ranging from website banners and social media assets, right through to animation.

Campaign Design

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In order to keep momentum for the census, we developed an engaging and personable campaign. The ideation of the All In campaign was derived from the concept of a voter’s mark on a ballot paper, using handwriting to express individuality.


This fuelled the social campaign, which asks businesses and people at all levels in the advertising industry to write their own “I’m in” and “We’re in” messages and share it across their channels, raising awareness of the census and encouraging participation.


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A campaign is only as successful as the engagement it gets. The All In social campaign was shared and engaged with by brand giants including TikTok, Sky, GSK, Channel 4, Spotify, Asda, and ITV – all pledging they are ‘in’.


The campaign also gained media coverage in CampaignThe Drum and Media Week, among many other outlets.


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“We were super-impressed with the work by the Two Stories team – they nailed our brief first time in an incredibly fast turn-around time. They were a delight to work with, providing us with a suite of branded assets in record time that helped us bring the All In Census to life in a fantastic way across the UK advertising industry.”


Matt Bourn, Director of Communications, The Advertising Association

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