Refreshing the brand, across print and digital design, to strengthen Cornvale’s identity as a luxury butcher and fine foods company


Cornvale has been supplying discerning hotels and restaurants for over 20 years. Following a restructure of the business, Cornvale wanted to clearly communicate its values, while also marketing to high-end Michelin Star restaurants and catering for its new at-home demand.


Our task was to rebrand Cornvale to reflect its quality offering, creating a brand that would tell its story for years to come.

Brand development

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Through extensive brand workshops, it became clear that Cornvale held traditional butchery at the heart of what it does, with a real focus on its hand-crafted quality approach.


To convey Cornvale’s values, we created a new brand that reconnected with the business’ roots as a traditional ‘old school’ butcher, while echoing its distinct attention to detail.


Inspired by historic butchery signage, the new brand combined hand-drawn illustrations to mirror Cornvale’s hands-on approach to butchery, an orange colour to bring vibrancy, and kraft textures to represent the historic use of such materials in butchery. We also worked on art direction with a photographer to depict older traditions that Cornvale stood by.

Digital Design

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Cornvale had always aspired to shift into retail. The first Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020 uncovered that at-home demand for Cornvale was more prominent than originally thought.


As a result, we designed and built a full new website, including a clear e-commerce section that is easy-to-use and attractive to its new at-home market. Cornvale’s website also needed to convey the business’ values and ethos, while communicating with its B2B market, as well as a new generation of high-end chefs and establishments.


We also created a range of campaign-led design assets for Cornvale to use across its social media channels, to promote its at-home market and encourage sales.

Print Design

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We designed a range of tangible stationery items, including business cards, letterheads, and boxes, featuring custom illustrations to bring Cornvale’s brand to life.


The brand translates from print to digital design seamlessly, through use of accents of its printed stationery through textures on the website.


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“I was blown away when I first met Bekkie & Rob. I still don’t know how they did it, but they just got what I wanted. Even when I couldn’t explain it!? In business you get what you pay for. Two Stories represent true value for money.”


“From concept through to the launch of the rebrand, they have been professional, helpful, supportive, imaginative and a joy to work with. You get the sense that they really care about you and your company and take great pride in their work.”


“In the beginning they started as a supplier, I now consider them both friends.”


Patrick Leahy, Managing Director, Cornvale Fine Foods

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