Changing the experience of childbirth through brand identity and website design, for UK childbirth injury charity MASIC


MASIC is passionate about supporting women and making their voices heard to break the stigma around childbirth injuries. We were tasked to help the charity create a stronger digital and commercial presence, with the aim of reaching a wider audience and encouraging healthcare professionals and partners to support the organisation.


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Our work began with a thorough brand development process, which involved a brand workshop with key MASIC stakeholders including healthcare professionals and women who have been helped by MASIC.


It was clear that we needed to define the brand’s tone of voice and create a new brand identity that communicated MASIC’s core purpose and the notion that the charity supports women, challenges stigma, and drives change.


The website would act as a hub for women who need help after giving birth and during the years that follow. We decided to move MASIC away from being overly medicalised and, instead, focused on being approachable and inclusive.


Based on this, we delivered an emotive, warm, and supportive brand, loosely inspired by a speech bubble to echo the idea that MASIC provides a platform for women’s voices to be heard.


The brand features original hand-drawn illustrations, which accentuate MASIC’s compelling platform to advocate for women and change the lives of those injured during childbirth.


The premise of the flexible identity was that MASIC represents a variety of women – all of which have completely different childbirth experiences. We wanted to showcase inclusivity and diversity, so we created a logo mark that is representative of the broad range of women MASIC help.


The additional logo variations are intended to make the MASIC brand louder. Through a bold variety of colour combinations, we portray confidence and reaffirm the brand’s core purpose to challenge the stigma around childbirth.


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To effectively raise awareness of childbirth injuries, in an approachable and inclusive way, we worked to update MASIC’s digital presence, designing and developing a website with the new branding, as well as featuring the brand across all MASIC’s social channels and owned media. We are continuing to work with the charity for ongoing design and brand communication support.


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“We came to Two Stories needing help with creating a new website and to improve our charity branding. Our work raises awareness of some very difficult issues around childbirth that aren’t widely discussed and need to be approached with sensitivity and empathy.”


Right from the start, Two Stories understood the need to balance these issues with a warm, inclusive, and appealing brand. We couldn’t have asked for a more creative and empathic approach to the brief.”


“The website needed to act as a hub for women needing our support and TwoStories worked creatively and intuitively to deliver a visually appealing website that provides a lot of information in an interactive and user-friendly way.”


“The team are a pleasure to work with and their enthusiasm and vision has delivered us a website that will now enable us to reach a much wider audience and meet our charity objectives going forward.”


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