Mirror on the Industry

Creating a brand design for Channel 4’s major insight initiative


We were tasked to create a brand design for a series of projects for Channel 4’s Mirror on the Industry – an initiative that explores how representative and inclusive current TV advertisements are and highlights individual groups of people who are misrepresented or underrepresented.


Through this initiative, Channel 4 aims to shine a spotlight on the industry and reveal key insights that can help to shape the future of the advertising industry.

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Inspired by the brand we had previously created for the main series of Mirror on the Industry, the brand pattern is based on the concept of reflective light in a mirror.


Through visual variation, we ensured that each topic could be easily recognised as part of the series yet individually distinct. We added a gradient element to the design and created a different gradient theme for each topic within the series.


We utilised a contemporary colour palette to reflect the exploration of current issues within the series. The logo was evolved for each new topic by adapting the gradient colour.


To align the images with each gradient colour, we added gradient overlays to black and white images. We utilised the images within the hexagonal shapes to introduce an additional element to the brand pattern.


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“Two Stories have created a beautifully distinctive identity for our insight initiative ‘Mirror on the Industry’. When it came to thinking about ‘Mirror On..’, our series of smaller projects which fall under the main insight initiative’s umbrella, we knew we could trust Two Stories with the task. We gave them the creative challenge of ‘same but different’, wanting to maintain the original identity, have a common visual thread, whilst allowing each project to have a refreshing unique identifier. Two Stories knew exactly what to do, delivering over and above our vision. The team are a dream to work with collaboratively and we’re looking forward to continuing the evolution of this project with them.”


Katya Des-Etages, Senior Research Executive

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