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the event industry’s first universal framework for sustainable events

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In September 2020 we launched the identity and website for isla, the industry body for sustainability within events. isla was established because they believe that the event industry needs support and guidance to take action to tackle its impact on the environment – proseed was launched as a direct result by isla. Created by event professionals and curated by experts, proseed is the event industry’s first universal best practice framework.


We created a brand identity and new website for the framework that not only embodied its values, but was easy to use, understand and digest it’s array of information.


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We created a brand identity that echos all of proseeds core values. The premise of the framework is to standardised the approach to events to create the feedback loop for improvement to demand sustainable practices.


The brand we created was designed to feel part of the isla family, but, with a more restricted colour palette, the proseed brand is meant to feel bright, inspiring and accessible. We created a brand that spans a multitude of applications, including animation, social media, website design and print design.


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The website is designed around the frameworks core users. Being a universal framework proseed needed to be accessible and easy to use, housing a complex matrix with information shown to the user depending on their organisation type.


Whilst being functional the website also carries over the charming characteristics from its parent brand isla, bold use of colour really plays on the electricity of the event industry.

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