Quintessential Cinemas

Refreshing the Quintessential Cinemas brand,
and redesigning and developing its website to
reflect the smart home solution business’ position
in the luxury market


Following a competitive proposal process, the team approached us to refresh the brand and completely redesign the existing website to focus on the luxury market in which it resides.


Quintessential Cinemas use only the best-in-class technology and products to design and install an array of high-end smart home solutions, including Home Cinemas, Media Rooms, Fitness Studios, Home Bars, and Sports Simulators.


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With an established logo in place, the surrounding brand needed a refresh to bring it to life. By taking the brand’s existing gold colours, we created a new, evolved gradient to match its luxurious positioning. We wanted to create unity between the business’ previous success, paralleled with its new, ambitious positioning.


The brand strategy leans on its mark of quality, which is engrained in everything the business does through use of the trustworthy “Q”.


We worked with a photographer to art direct a new suite of showroom imagery to launch the new brand into existence, with photos that are equally as luxurious and aesthetic as its offering. With this new photography and styling, we begun the creation of a new brand book to ensure that the brand is consistently captured to the highest standard.



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Bringing Quintessential Cinemas into a new digital space was a fundamental part of the strategy to support business growth, refocus on the luxury market sector, and elevate the brand.


The brief was clear: to showcase the attention to detail and sheer quality of the Quintessential Cinemas offering. User-focused functionality and a clean look were essential to connect with the intended audience.



Quintessential Cinemas empowers its clients to think creatively and uncover the potential of their living spaces. The new website is key for helping clients to visualise what their dreams may look like in reality.


With a time-poor target market, we ensured that the website was simple to navigate, with large, beautiful imagery taking centre stage.


We also created a host of social assets to use across Quintessential Cinemas’ social media channels.


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Following the website design and development, we were asked to define Quintessential Cinemas’ tone of voice, to utilise across both spoken and written methods of communication.


Based on its core values, we established three tonal values to assist with clear communication of its connected, modern integration and design of cutting-edge technologies. Using a consistent tone of voice to showcase a strong brand identity, we refreshed the copy across the website.


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During our extensive brand development process, it became apparent that Quintessential Cinemas had a real opportunity to leave its mark behind in the form of print.


Therefore, we designed a brochure to showcase its luxury offering through carefully considered stock and print treatments, creating a piece of print too beautiful to be thrown away.


Using the brand’s tone of voice, we refreshed the existing brochure copy, and wrote additional copy to reflect the expansion of Quintessential Cinemas’ services.


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“Our refocus on the luxury market sector meant we needed an effective new website that clearly communicated our complex product offering, whilst ensuring the high-quality look, feel and touch that is required for the luxury market.”


“Two Stories’ enthusiasm, creativity, industry knowledge and honest, flexible attitude during their pitch won us over. We have been highly impressed with the team’s consistent, first-class creative work and their integrity and care for our businesses throughout the project, which we know will propel the business into the luxury sector with flair and excitement.”


David Earing, CEO, Quintessential Cinemas

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