Happy Work Anniversary to Ryan, our Designer and Front-End Developer! Ryan works his magic across a range of development areas and is also a very talented brand and creative designer, hence why he was recently shortlisted for ‘Rising Star’ in the UK Dev Awards! Watch this space…

We asked Ryan some questions about his role, where he finds his inspiration, and his most memorable moments at Two Stories so far.

How long have you been working at Two Stories and what did you do before you started here?

I’ve been working at Two Stories for a year now. Before then, I was working as an e-commerce Front-End Designer, involved in the designing and front-end development of e-commerce stores on Magento 2. The role was primarily digital, although very occasionally there was print design, and digital ad and marketing design involved.

What is your role and what does it involve?

I’m a Designer & Front-End Developer. My role involves a few different design areas – primarily digital but also brand and print – as well as front-end development work, like building new websites and piecemeal development/maintenance on existing sites.

Which two things do you enjoy the most about your role?

I enjoy the variety, both in terms of clients and workload, and the opportunity to learn new stuff. Design and development are fields that are constantly changing so there’s always something new to dig in to or something to improve.

Where do you find your creative inspiration?

It depends on the project. If there’s data to work with, that can influence things. Usually, it’s just simple rapid prototyping with a pencil and paper, and a mind on best practices. There’s a tonne of good online resources that are not necessarily relevant to my role but provide inspiration, such as interior design and photography. In contrast to that, spending some time away from a screen does wonders. Also, Bob Ross!

What do you enjoy most about the design and development process?

I enjoy the challenge of providing a great user experience, especially with digital work. Going through the process of wireframes to designs to a fully built interactive site that people enjoy using is pretty rewarding, particularly if it’s reflected in the metrics. It’s nice to know your work is making an impact.

Which development trends do you think will be popular in 2022?

I think we’ll continue to see JavaScript frameworks like React and Vue increase in popularity and application. I’m also a fan of the recent popularity of dark mode themes as default, or at least sites providing it as an option, so hopefully we’ll see more of that.

What are your two favourite things about working at Two Stories?

The dynamic environment of a smaller studio; it’s easy to convey and discuss ideas quickly, work rarely feels stale, and there’s lots of client variety.

The team itself is great – all skilled individuals with various specialities and we get on well.

What are your two most memorable moments from your time at Two Stories so far?

Going to the Crystal Maze in Manchester for sure, and seeing the team grow so quickly in such a short space of time, and being part of it, has been pretty memorable.

Thanks for being a brilliant member of the Two Stories team, Ryan!