The name you choose for your business can shape your entire brand.

That’s quite a statement, but naming your brand, business, product, or service is a very important task. However, it needn’t be overwhelming. It can actually be an inspiring, creative and enjoyable process, that can elevate your business and make it extraordinary.

Ideas can come from anywhere and everywhere, and there are an infinite number of words – real, invented, abbreviated, and even spelled wrong! – for you to choose from.

But what’s “right” for your brand? Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to consider…

Is it meaningful?

Your name should mean something. It should tell your audience, either directly or suggestively, what your brand and business is and does.

Is it distinctive?

You want your brand to be memorable. Names that make you stand out in your industry, or positions you within a specific sector, will ensure that you are not easily forgotten.

Is it accessible?

Choosing a brand name that’s straightforward to pronounce and understand makes your business easier to communicate to a broader audience.

Is it future proof?

Find a name that can grow with your business. If your brand develops different products or services, or targets new audiences, choosing a name that can incorporate potential new directions will save re-naming in the future.

Is it visual?

Pick a name that helps your brand paint a picture in your customer’s mind – it can help them remember your brand when they come to make a purchase. Alternatively, choose a name that allows you to create a stand-out logo and brand identity around it, constructing a memorable mental image for them.

Above all, whether you made up a new word or have taken inspiration from literature, history, people, or nature, your name should communicate who you are and what you do as a brand.

Does your name tell your story?