In accordance with the obligations placed on our company by the Modern Slavery Act, we can confirm that we believe in the following and run our business operations and supply chain based on the following principles.

Free Movement, legal Wages, and Fair procedures.

All employees and our supplier’s employees will be employed under the laws of the United Kingdom or a European Union country where there is freedom of labour, a statutory wage and fair employment procedures.

Non-UK or EU Nationals

All employees from outside the UK or EU will only be employed where it is legal and in accordance with the immigration procedures as established by the various government departments in either the UK or other European Union countries.

Procedures in relation to Modern Day Slavery.

Staff Awareness and Training 

Our own staff will be made aware of the issues of Modern Day Slavery and be vigilant for potential suppliers offering goods at massively reduced prices, manufactured in a country outside the EU, offered from an agency in the UK which might highlight very low wage structures, a heavy reliance on numbers of employees in low wage economies, companies with a high number of non-UK staff employed in the UK,.


As part of our supply chain assessment, we will conduct a survey of a number of our suppliers annually in relation to their employment practices and review their pricing, etc to see if there are any issues of concern.