Deviant Skincare

Creating a brand strategy and new website to build
on Deviant Skincare’s core purpose as an
independent skincare brand


Deviant Skincare creates meaningful, formula-based skincare products that depart from the usual standards of the beauty industry and are unbound by gender, age, or time.


As a company based in our local area, we approached Deviant Skincare to offer guidance to refresh the brand and devising a brand strategy to elevate the business. Deviant Skincare already had a large social media following but had inconsistent branding and no logo in place.

Brand development

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Deviant Skincare was founded by Natalie, who failed to find effective skincare products to clear her acne – so she decided to create her own.


We began the brand development process by creating a questionnaire to send to Deviant Skincare’s stakeholders, including existing customers who use the products. The results of this research gave us a deep insight into external perceptions of Deviant Skincare as a business and its values.


From this, we outlined Deviant Skincare’s brand purpose and values, set the tone of voice, defined a set of straplines, and created a brand book to enable the brand to be used consistently moving forwards.


The core colour palette consists of forest, stone and off-white to elevate the brand’s luxurious experience. We chose a typeface that echoes a confident stance, to represent Deviant Skincare’s bold, unconventional positioning within the beauty industry.


Since product formula is at the heart of the business, we created images using distorted liquids to symbolise a focus on the product itself.


Deviant Skincare’s best-selling product is its Cleansing Concentrate, which is green in colour. This inspired the rebrand, as Deviant Skincare avoids adding any scents or colours to its products – therefore we decided to match the existing product colour.

Digital Design

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We created a bank of social assets to elevate Deviant Skincare’s online presence and convey the new brand identity to its community across social media channels.


We are in the process of designing a new website to help users learn more about Deviant Skincare’s values and products, while driving sales through its e-commerce capability.

Print Design

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As part of the rebrand, we designed new packaging for Deviant Skincare’s products. Inspired by the colour of its best-selling product, ‘Cleansing Concentrate’, the colour palette for the rebrand included a forest green. We decided to translate this colour across the product packaging to create consistency across the brand.


Deviant Skincare’s audience appreciate the experience of unboxing its products, so we intended to elevate this concept further while maintaining the brand’s luxury reputation.


Since Deviant Skincare is renowned for its hand stamped gold wax seals, we had to find a stock colour that complemented this historic brand element. After searching for the perfect stock, we decided on “Racing Green” – a refined, tactile stock that is rich in colour, adds an essence of luxury, and complements the white foiled print impeccably.


Making consciously sustainable choices is important to both ourselves and Deviant Skincare, so we chose FSC certified packaging, which means that the materials are sourced in a socially responsible and sustainable way. On top of this, the packaging is made from Carbon Balanced paper, meaning that with every outer box produced, Deviant Skincare helps to offset carbon emissions through the preservation of high conservation value forests.


In line with Deviant Skincare’s sustainability goals, we also decided to implement a phased switch of the packaging, to ensure that there was no waste in the transition from old brand to new brand.


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“We cannot thank Two Stories enough for the work they’ve done for us and we’re so happy with how the rebrand looks. Bekkie and Rob have gone above and beyond in understanding and translating our vision, even when we couldn’t articulate it! The entire experience has been so personable that Two Stories now feel like an extension of the Deviant Skincare family. It’s been a pleasure to be able to collaborate with such local talent and we can’t wait to continue working with them.”


Natalie Smyth, Founder, Deviant Skincare

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Deviant Skincare


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