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Creating a brand to propel the launch of the app and website for market garden management software, Market Garden Pro


As a start-up with no existing brand, we were approached by Market Garden Pro – a software company that assists with the smooth planning, selling and distribution of crops – to create a brand that would strengthen its product and online presence, and assist in launching its app and website.

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Following a workshop with the Market Garden Pro team, we began the brand development process by exploring what Market Garden Pro stands for, why it exists, and what differentiates the brand.


Market Garden Pro had been born from the idea of creating efficiencies on an allotment, which consequently results in a fall in land, water, and waste, and contributes towards a sustainable food system. While positively impacting the environment is clearly at the heart of the brand, we discovered that what really separated Market Garden Pro from its competitors was its focus on technology.


The software is designed by skilled and experienced developers who simplify complex data and provide practical solutions. This allows users to get the most out of their market garden, while also benefitting the wider environment.


This led us to four values that we felt best represent Market Garden Pro: efficient, conscious, data-driven, and functional. These values highlight a focus on technology and data, which is integral to the product itself, but also incorporate the deeper purpose of the brand, which is to ultimately improve food systems through assisting the hard-to-reach modern user.


We also created a set of straplines that effectively communicate Market Garden Pro’s brand purpose and the benefits that are associated with using the technology.

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Once we had defined the verbal brand and tone of voice, we moved onto the brand design. To start the design process, we considered how to include each element of the tone of voice in the final design.


We chose a green colour palette to reflect Market Garden Pro’s focus on sustainability. To give the brand a ‘tech feel’, we ensured that the colour palette was modern and included a contrasting fluorescent green, which is a colour trending among technology companies at present. Similarly, after trying and testing various font styles, we adopted a contemporary typeface that illustrates a focus on technology.

From our research on market gardens, we were intrigued by the rigid planting patterns that appeared from a bird’s-eye view. We utilised these shapes in a way that could be repeated throughout the brand design and brought in imagery of individuals who typically run market gardens, as well as elements of the colour palette, to make the pattern stand out.


Finally, we combined the pattern, brand colours, and straplines to create social assets that reflect the brand as a whole. We also worked with the Market Garden Pro team on the design of the website, providing inspiration for elements that the company’s in-house developers could take forward.


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“From the initial consultation, to seeing the new branding Two Stories had created for us, I was really impressed with every step of the design experience. Their unique briefing process teased out all aspects of why the business does what it does, not just what it does. Using these concepts as the basis of creating the visual elements that make up the new Market Garden Pro brand was a really unique approach.”


Rob McVey, Founder, Market Garden Pro

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