Created by the Advertising Association, the All In Census is the advertising industry’s first and biggest industry-wide census, which aims to improve diversity and inclusion in UK advertising.

To promote the monumental campaign, we created a brand identity, designed the campaign, and created a bank of assets including website banners, social media assets, and animation.

It’s been one year since the launch of the brand, so let’s take a look back at the success of the All In campaign, the key findings, and the outcomes that will now shape the advertising industry moving forward.

What was the response to the campaign?

Our idea for the All In campaign focused on encouraging businesses and people in the advertising industry to write their own “I’m in” and “We’re in” handwritten messages to raise awareness of the census. These were shared across social media, with hundreds of pledges from influential brands and leaders of companies including Tik Tok, Facebook, Google, Sky, Channel 4, GSK, ITV, Spotify, Barclays, and Asda.

Overall, the census had more than 16,000 responses from advertising and marketing professionals in the UK, which is the largest survey response ever recorded in the advertising industry. Over 10,000 of these responses were gained on day one!

What are the campaign’s key findings?

  • Working class individuals are under-represented at 19%, compared to 39% of the working population
  • 53% of women who took parental leave felt it disadvantaged their career
  • 22% of those with disabilities are likely to leave their organisation
  • 6% feel personally discriminated due to their sexual orientation, which is significantly lower than the national UK average of 14%
  • Almost 75% of those working in the industry are aged between 25-44
  • 32% of Muslims are likely to leave the industry based on lack of inclusion and/or discrimination, along with 27% of Hindus and 23% of Sikhs
  • 31% of all respondents reported feeling stressed or anxious, and 70% of these individuals reported that they had not made their company aware.


 What are the outcomes of the campaign?

As a result of the census, the All In Action Plan has been drawn up, which highlights three initial areas for the industry to focus on during Phase 1:

  1. To improve the experience and representation of Black talent
  2. To improve the experience and representation of Disabled talent
  3. To improve the experience and representation of talent from Working Class Backgrounds


Last week, three new actions were announced and introduced to the Action Plan:

  1. To improve the experience and representation of Women
  2. To improve the experience and representation of Asian talent
  3. To improve the experience and representation of Older talent

All In is hosting a series of free sessions for companies to attend, providing guidance on how to complete each action from the Action Plan. Companies that evidence completion of the actions will be awarded ‘All In Champion’ status in summer 2022.

The All In Census is set to be repeated every two years, with the next scheduled for March 2023.

You can find out more about the All In Census here.

And find out more about our work for the project here.

The Two Stories team are honoured to have worked on such a vital campaign that will be a powerful catalyst for change within the industry and wider representation across UK advertising.