We’re incredibly excited and proud to finally announce the launch of our rebrand for the London Symphony Chorus.

We were blown away to be selected by the world-class symphony chorus and London Symphony Orchestra choral partner following a competitive pitch – to create a new, inspiring brand that reflected and strengthened the chorus’s position in the industry.

The new identity needed to fully articulate and reimagine the chorus’s vision and values, reach new audiences and potential members, and complement the London Symphony Orchestra brand.

The project began with our distinctive and extensive brand process, including workshops with the London Symphony Chorus’s council and its 160 vocal singers, which helped us create the verbal brand purpose and tone of voice and, in turn, informed the visual brand identity.

One of the most exciting parts of our work together was creating the unique mark that visually represents the physical sound of the London Symphony Chorus.

We used a recording of the chorus’s four vocal ranges – soprano, alto, tenor, and bass – and ran them through digital visualisation software to look at the different ways sound waves can be imagined. Layered together, the circle represents the London Symphony Chorus’s one unified voice, made up of its individual parts.

Following the rebrand, we also designed, developed, and crafted the copy for the London Symphony Chorus’s new website, working alongside the chorus’s diversity and inclusion group to create a digital home for the London Symphony Chorus that is accessible, engaging and educational.

For more detail on our work with the London Symphony Chorus project, visit Our Work page.

The London Symphony Chorus’s new website is now live and the branding features on its social channels and owned media.

Owen Hanmer, Chair of the London Symphony Chorus, said:

“We have been so impressed with all Two Stories has done for the London Symphony Chorus. Our new brand needed to reflect the future facing vision of our organisation, while still embracing and celebrating our history as a leading, symphonic choir. Two Stories has created a fresh, contemporary identity for the London Symphony Chorus that brings who we are to life, broadens our appeal and makes us even more proud to be part of this wonderful institution.”

“From the new brand creation to the high standard of design and construction of our new website, through to the advice, service and consultancy provided throughout the process, we feel extremely grateful and lucky to have worked with Two Stories on this very important project for the London Symphony Chorus.”

Two Stories’s co-founder and Creative Director, Bekkie Hull, said:

“The London Symphony Chorus is a world-class symphony chorus with a rich history that exists to be inspiring, ambitious and inclusive. The group came to us to help them align its brand vision across all touchpoints, and we have delivered a recognisable brand that echoes and brings to life the London Symphony Chorus’s heritage and values, elevates and reflects its position in the industry alongside its peers, while motivating and encouraging engagement across all stakeholders.”

“It has been a dream to work on a brand refresh for such a remarkable organisation and we’re delighted to see it live.”